Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July

Summer isn't just upon us any longer, it has engulfed us. Always seems to sneak up, but this year, with a book release in early June, it seems to be vanishing with a speed I don't recall since I was in school. Enjoy your holiday, and then figure out a way to slow this thing down.

TIME Magazine collected summer reading recommendations from many writers, and I'm honored to be in the mix. My pick was William Gay's wonderful Gothic Provinces of Night, which I can promise won't let you down if you read it this summer, fall, or winter. But it just tastes a little sweet in the summer. If there's an online link to the piece I haven't found it, but it is in the current edition and features many great picks by many great writers. Worth a look!

Quick links roundup: The NY Times takes their second pass at So Cold the River, this time with Janet Maslin evaluating, and again I'm pleased to say it emerged with a favorable review. Also the first time I've had a book earn a daily NYT review, so it felt like a milestone achievement.

USA Today's Carol Memmott:
The Washington Post:
The Toronto Globe and Mail:

A pair of video interviews:

Borders sent a wonderful team all the way down to West Baden Springs from Ann Arbor, and they clearly put a lot of effort and ability into this video piece, blending the historical setting with the current in a beautiful way.

The BSC Review, interview by Keith Rawson: