Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Kevin Powers on Those Who Wish Me Dead

"Michael Koryta's THOSE WHO WISH ME DEAD is an absolutely thrilling read. I read most of it with my breath held, occasionally exhaling to ask myself, 'What will happen next?' I highly recommend it."

--Kevin Powers, author of the National Book Award-nominated THE YELLOW BIRDS

Thursday, March 6, 2014

First review -- starred Booklist

Those Who Wish Me Dead

June 3, 2014 Release

"Koryta, a widely praised veteran of cross-

genre tales, has upped his game with this 
stand-alone’s seamless blend of western-wilderness thriller and mainstream crime fiction, with a prickly dab of horror. Ethan
Serbin, an elite survival-skills instructor 
during his Air Force career, now runs a similar program for troubled teens in the Montana wilderness. Without warning, a former student reappears, pleading with Ethan to take on a special student. Jace Wilson witnessed the terrifyingly calculating Blackwell brothers committing murder, and he’s in hiding until he can testify. In Ethan’s camp, the former student reasons, Jace will be off the grid and protected by one of the few men certain to help him survive. Ethan agrees, and
once the teens arrive that summer with Jace hidden among them, it’s not long before the brothers come for him, flaunting their mystifying ability to manipulate the authorities attempting to keep Jace’s location
secret. Outmatched in weapons and brutality, Jace; Ethan; his wife, Allison; and a young fire watcher named Hannah Faber battle to survive a raging wildfire and the murderous intent of a creepy pair of killers rivaling the deadly preacher in The Night of the Hunter. A must-read."


William Kent Krueger on THOSE WHO WISH ME DEAD

“Michael Koryta isn’t just one of the finest authors working in the crime genre today.  He’s simply one of today’s finest authors, period.  His stories are taut, compelling, and beautifully rendered.  His understanding of human nature—the good, the evil, and all the gray between—is masterful. THOSE WHO WISH ME DEAD is Koryta at his best.”

--William Kent Krueger, New York Times bestselling author ORDINARY GRACE

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

John Hart on Those Who Wish Me Dead

"Reading Michael Koryta is like stepping into fast water. You don’t know where the current will take you, only that it’s strong and deep and likely to sweep you away. That’s what the best fiction does, and Koryta does it better than just about anyone else."

John Hart, New York Times bestselling author of IRON HOUSE and THE LAST CHILD