Sunday, July 10, 2011

Interview on NPR's Weekend Edition

I had the wonderful opportunity to be interviewed by the great Linda Wertheimer (that's the truly great Linda Wertheimer -- first woman to anchor coverage of an election night, first person to broadcast from Senate chambers, a founding voice of NPR, etc.) on Weekend Edition. It was a privilege, and I hope you'll have the chance to check it out.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

LA Times and St. Petersburg Times approve of THE RIDGE

Nice reviews from two major papers last week!

LA TIMES:,0,6946940.story

"Koryta has created a vivid world that's hard to shake for days after the book is finished. In 'The Ridge,' he has delivered a nuanced supernatural thriller worthy of the praise he's received and that is surely yet to come."


"Koryta doesn't just craft an absorbingly creepy plot; he also makes effective use of setting and local history (as he did in So Cold the River and The Cypress House). His prose is observant and streamlined, and his characters are believable and complex — which helps make them unpredictable, in some cases shockingly so. Reading The Ridge is a fine way to chill down a hot summer night. But you'll want to leave the lights on."

Happy Fourth Of July...enjoy some links

As you ease back into the swing of things after the holiday, you probably want to kill some time by reading about THE RIDGE. Here are some nice people who have said nice things. If you want to see bad things, go find them yourself. We don't encourage that sort of behavior here.

Also, an interview with Michael and Linda Wertheimer of NPR's Weekend Edition will air soon. More details when we have them!

Huffington Post: "Michael Koryta is a name that is growing in stature with each new novel he releases. THE RIDGE indicates he will keep getting better and better. This is a chilling story that will have you burning the midnight oil and wishing you had a lighthouse to ward off any dark presence around you."

The New Yorker: "...if you know Koryta’s splendid style, you know he’s in the right place. “The Ridge” is a classically good mystery that’s also regionally fascinating: its other powerpoint location is a woodland lighthouse in eastern Kentucky, where a local weirdo is found dead one day by an almost equally weird reporter, who then teams with a troubled detective to uncover much greater, darker strangeness."

Brand X Picks The Ridge for Summer Reading List:

Jen's Book Thoughts Review: "THE RIDGE is the work of an exceptionally talented story teller coming into his own. The richness of the characters, the depth of the symbolism, the strength of the atmosphere all combine to suck the reader into Koryta's world. You fall down his rabbit hole and land in a world you logically know doesn't exist, but the reality of what you experience convinces you otherwise."